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  • A specialist advisory, data and software company working exclusively in the area of liquidity risk and capital.


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About Liquidatum

At the time that Liquidatum was formed in 2004, liquidity risk was on the radar of only a few people within a banking organisation and very few outside, including regulators. The perception by most was that liquidity was always available, and the issue was one of price. The crisis of 2007 has shattered this myth and with it increased the attention given to liquidity risk by a wider set of stakeholders.

Liquidity risk managers
became the first and last call each day for senior management, and balance sheet liquidity planning has come to the fore, accompanied by the question:
“Where are we an outlier?”

A consequence of answering this question has been the development of our advisory business which addresses two main questions: “What is it about what I do that makes me more or less liquid than my peers?”, “What is industry best practice and the best practice for me, given my scope and business model?”

Capital management
departments use our data to benchmark their capital structure, risk-weighted assets and exposure at default against their peers. We provide our data in a detailed and standardised format that allows for thorough analysis and results in a unique perspective.

both fixed income and equity alike, are no longer comfortable outsourcing the analysis of liquidity risk and capital to rating agencies. When making their investment decisions, they now want to better understand a bank”s liquidity risk and capital profile in more detail by themselves.

are much more interested in the relative strengths and weaknesses of their banking system in relation to others.

Our data and advisory services help all these stakeholders answer their questions.

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